Questions about Payment

If we are able to support the currency in your territory, you will see the currency selector at the bottom of the store page.

Display prices are calculated from GBP costings via the European Central Bank (ECB) exchange rate. They are rounded to the nearest whole number, so they do not change frequently, but may do if large shifts in currency conversion rates occur.

There is no mark-up on the conversion rate, it is simply the normal GBP price converted into a different currency.

We send a confirmation email for every order to the purchaser's email address. This confirmation email is a VAT invoice and contains a breakdown of the order's details.

If your payment has declined you should double-check the information you’ve added is correct. The most common reason for a declined payment is entering details incorrectly.

If you know that your payment method is valid but your payment doesn’t go through, you might want to check with your provider directly to understand why it has happened.

To provide the safest online payment services, the internal security systems of your payment providers review every payment before it’s approved. Occasionally, they may stop a payment. When a payment is stopped, it's not a reflection of you or your account activities, but rather your payment provider has noticed a pattern associated with higher-than-normal risk.

If this happens multiple times, you'll be locked out from placing an order for a short time. We advise waiting 24 hours before placing the order again.

If you're still stuck, please use the Contact form to get in touch with our support team.