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  • Africa's Oldest National Park Mug
  • Africa's Oldest National Park Mug

Africa's Oldest National Park Mug

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Whether tea or coffee, morning or night, a hot beverage served in this Africa's Oldest National Park mug soothes and re-energizes. Every sip contributes to the protection of the Park's rich biodiversity and ecosystems.

Product Details

Like all Virunga Store products, our mugs are produced using premium-grade materials. The hard-wearing natural ceramic comes with a durable dishwasher-safe coating that protects the logo and keeps it gleaming for longer.

Size Guide

This mug has a generous 11oz (325 ml) capacity, perfect for savoring your favorite beverages.

Care Guide

Our mug's durable and convenient design is dishwasher and microwave safe, ensuring easy care and maintenance.


Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of our practices. We utilize renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, for waste-free real-time production. Our products are crafted from natural materials, not plastic, and are designed to be returned and repurposed. With GM-free and cruelty-free clothing, we prioritize ethical choices. To further reduce our impact, we ship all products in plastic-free packaging. Depending on your location, our clothing is printed on demand using low waste technology in the UK or Europe.

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As a non-profit, we accept returns exclusively for defective items purchased from our online shop. If you receive a product that is flawed or damaged, we will gladly assist you in exchanging it for the same product.